Winners and shortlists

2022 – 2023
Lisa McGee, 3rd series of Derry Girls [Television series]
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2020 – 2021
Gail McConnell, The Sun Is Open (Penned in the Margins) [Book]
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2018 – 2019
Anna Burns, Milkman (Faber and Faber) [Book]
We also awarded a special prize of £7,500 to Katy Hayward for her journalism and commentary which analysed the Brexit process as it unfolded.
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2015 – 2017
Fergal Keane, Wounds (William Collins) [Book]
We also awarded a special prize of £5,000 to Professor Marianne Elliott for her achievement in advancing the understanding of Irish history in Britain.
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2013 – 2014
Charles Townshend,  The Republic: the fight for Irish independence 1918-1923 (Allen Lane) [Book]
The Trust also awarded a special prize, in memory of Seamus Heaney, to the poet Colette Bryce for her book The Whole and Rain-domed-Universe (Picador).
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2011 – 2012
Julieann Campbell, Setting the Truth Free: the inside story of the Bloody Sunday justice campaign (Liberties Press, 2012) [Book]
Douglas Murray, Bloody Sunday: truth, lies and the Saville Inquiry (Biteback Publishing, 2012) [Book]
Special Award: Peter Taylor [journalist and writer], for his work covering Northern Ireland over many years.
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Press coverage
2009 – 2010
Timothy Knatchbull, From A Clear Blue Sky: surviving the Mountbatten bomb (Hutchinson, 2009) [Memoir]
Guy Hibbert and Oliver Hirschbiegel, Five Minutes of Heaven [BBC2, 5 April 2009] [Television Film]
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2007 – 2008
David Park, The Truth Commissioner (Bloomsbury, 2007) [Novel]
Special Award: Fergus D’Arcy, for his Remembering the War Dead, published by the Government Stationery Office, Dublin, for the Office of Public Works, 2007
2005 – 2006
Richard English, Irish Freedom: a history of nationalism in Ireland (Macmillan, 2006) [History]
Special Award: Michael Longley [Poet]
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2003 – 2004
Tom Dunne, Rebellions: Memoir, Memory and 1798 (Lilliput, 2004)
Special Award: Dr Garret FitzGerald [Politician and writer]
Shortlist included Richard Bourke, Peace in Ireland: the war of ideas (Pimlico Press)
2001 – 2002
The Linen Hall Library, Troubled Images: posters and images of the Northern Irish conflict (Exhibition, CD Rom and booklet), from the Library’s Northern Ireland Political Collection [Exhibition]
Read Grey Gowrie’s presentation speech and see press coverage
1999 – 2000
David McKittrick, Seamus Kelters, Brian Feeney, Chris Thornton, David McVeagh, Lost Lives; the stories of the men, women and children who died as a result of the Northern Ireland troubles (Mainstream Publishing, Cambridge, 1999) [Reportage/history]
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1997 – 1998
Peter Hart, The IRA & its Enemies: Violence and Community in Cork 1916-1923 (Oxford University Press, 1998) [History]
1995 – 1996
Sebastian Barry, The Steward of Christendom (Royal Court Theatre, 1995, published Faber) [Play]
Norman Porter, Rethinking Unionism: An Alternative Vision for Northern Ireland (Blackstaff, 1996) [Politics]
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1993 – 1994
Fionnuala O Connor, In Search of a State: Catholics in Northern Ireland (Blackstaff, 1993) [Sociology/journalism/interviews]
1991 – 1992
Brian Keenan, An Evil Cradling (Hutchinson, 1992) [Memoir]
Read Michael Longley’s presentation speech
1989 – 1990
John Whyte, Interpreting Northern Ireland (Oxford University Press, 1990) [Political Science]
Special Citation: Blackstaff Press [publisher]
1987 – 1988
David McKitterick, Body of work [Journalism]
Mary Holland, Body of work [Journalism]
Before 1987 the Prize was awarded annually
Frank McGuinness, Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching towards the Somme [First produced by Abbey Theatre, 1985; published by Faber] [Play]
Special Award: Hubert Butler [essayist]
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Brian Friel, Translations [first performed Derry 1980; London productions at Hampstead and Lyttleton Theatres; published Faber] [Play]
Padraig O’Malley, The Uncivil Wars: Ireland Today (Blackstaff, 1984) [Journalism/interviews]
Oliver MacDonagh, States of Mind: a study of Anglo-Irish conflict 1780-1980 (Allen and Unwin, 1983) [History]
John Bowman, De Valera and the Ulster Question (Oxford University Press, 1983) [History]
Read presentation speech by Seamus Heaney
Fortnight Magazine, [Monthly Belfast journal]
F.S.L. Lyons, Culture and Anarchy in Ireland l880-1939 (Oxford University Press, 1979) [History]
Robert Kee, Ireland: A History [Television series and book]
Stewart Parker, I’m a Dreamer Montreal (ITV Playhouse, March 1979) [Television play]
Dervla Murphy, A Place Apart (John Murray, 1978) [Travel/journalism/history]
Michael MacGreil, Tolerance and Prejudice in Ireland (College of Industrial Relations, Dublin, 1977) [Sociology]
A.T.Q. Stewart, The Narrow Ground: Aspects of Ulster 1609-1969 (Faber 1977) [History]